As constantly the first step in any type of roof covering application is safety. I know it gets old to hear, but it can save your life or at least your pocketbook from those absorbinant medical bills. A 1/4 inch thick metal plate, with eyelets for hooking to, ought to be screwed to the contrary side of the roof where you will certainly be functioning. An accepted safety and security lanyard and also appropriately suitable harness must also be put on. True missing this action might conserve time and money, yet it could likewise confirm very expensive.

The very first step of the real process is to prepare the surface. This is easy on new buildings and construction, simply clear outdoor decking of all particles. On older homes it serves to overlay one layer of roof shingles, supplying that you make use of enough time screws to permeate steel, roof shingles, and also decking. Inch and also a fifty percent or longer is sufficient. If 2 or more layers of shingles exist, they will certainly have to be removed. A shingle shovel or “bulldog” is very useful, some close friends with strong backs are a lot more beneficial. A large trailer or dump truck is needed for the disposal of the old roof shingles.

Once the shingles are removed and all old nails and also particles have actually been gotten rid of, it is time to start laying your steel. It is very important that you take precise measurements prior to you order your metal, as it is pre-cut to your desired size. It is pertinent that the initial piece you lay be absolutely square as you will certainly acquire or shed in eve overhang length if it is not. By placing a string 3″ off of your eve on each end and keeping your metal 1/2″ off your string you can keep your metal running square and neat.

Your metal needs to be screwed 6″ from all-time low and also every 3 feet after. Keeping the screws right is essential for the looks of your home, so I recommend making use of a chalk line. The best technique is to put screws on ridges, yet beware not to overtighten as this will damage the steel. Screws with neoprene washers ought to be utilized and also are readily available anywhere you order your steel. A chalk line needs to additionally be used when applying your ridge cap. Rubber fillers are readily available to complete the space in between your metal and the cap, nevertheless, this would cause you to miss out on a special opportunity for an ideal and extremely adequate ridge vent.

Prior to the steel being used, reduced a one as well as a half-inch space on each side of the ridge. Apply aluminum display down the ridge to keep out the bumblebees. Enable your steel to come to the bottom of this space. Order your Ridge cap a minimum of 14″ broad. The wide cap sets you back a little bit a lot more, however, you can conserve huge on your cooling expenses. For more information on much more complicated applications see my blog or inspect my recent write-up on measuring for and also application of valley steel. This can be challenging and also costly if done wrong.

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William M. Gale